20/20 Vision...The Ophthalmic lens market in India

At the outset I want to state that I am making reference in this post EXCLUSIVELY to the “LENS” market and NOT to the entire vision care market, which may include spectacle frames, services, laser surgery, consumables and many other such constituents. So we are just talking about the commonly used lenses: SPECTACLE LENS & CONTACT LENS....

The Beauty & the Beast (of an Industry!!! :-))

Ah the ironies of life…beauty may be fleeting but the business of beauty is certainly not. One of the most stable, recession proof and profitable businesses that can ever be! Ever since it was formally recognized as an industry 100 years ago, it is rumored to have always overtaken GDP growth…......

Jai Ho Bollywood- The Indian Film Industry

LET ME NOT TELL YOU what you already know…. that the first motion picture was made in 1897 by Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatvadekar (a short film on a wrestling match), that the first feature film was “Raja Harishchandra" made by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913 (a silent movie), that the first talkie was "Alam Ara" produced by Imperial Film Company in 1931…. But in deference to the theme of this blog I want to focus on the film industry statistics….

Indian Wrist Watch market

50 million wristwatches are sold in India every year. Not withstanding the presence of global players and the opening up of the market, the Indian market has always been dominated by a single player. In the past, till the late 80’s, in the mechanical era, HMT dominated the market. And after that it has again been the domination of a single company, Titan. Today Titan has almost 65% market share of the organized watch market in the country. The organized watch market itself is estimated at 35% of the total industry size...........

The bicycle industry in India - pedal for a green earth

India produces approximately 10% of the world annual bicycle production, which is estimated at 125 Million units.

The annual domestic demand of bicycles in India is approximately 10 million units out of which around 2.5 million units is a government demand for the various welfare schemes. Exports out of India are largely to Africa and the less developed economies and negligible to western markets...

Concrete Evidence ! The cement industry...

Indian cement industry comprises 130 large cement plants and 365 mini-cement plants. The total installed capacity in the country is estimated at 240 million tons per annum making India the second largest cement producer in the world after china......

Food Grain Cultivation in India

Food grain is defined as the starchy grain of cereal grasses, which are used for food. The most common food grains of India are Rice, Wheat, Coarse Cereal (which include maize or makka, sorghum, barley, ragi & other small millet's) and pulses......

Quench that summer thirst....... The soft drink, fruit juice & mineral water market in India

Carbonated drinks, Juices, Mineral Water and Energy drinks market in the country is estimated at Rs. 6000 crores, 5000 crores and 1500 crores and 450 Crores respectively.In spite of the global brands like Pepsi & Coke have ploughed the Indian market for a decade plus, their mainline products i.e. carbonated drinks are barely showing a 6-7% year on year growth. On the other hand the other products in this segment are growing at over 30% annually. Energy drinks incidentally are a recent entry and the leading brand is Red Bull......

Have a BLAST!! …The Civil / Industrial Explosives industry

Giving you a flavor of a different industry this time. Explosives used for non-military purposes are called civil explosives. Did you ever imagine the over riding presence of this industry in our modern lives? Think about it, electricity from thermal energy, cement used in construction, stones for building our homes, roads we drive on, tunnels we pass through, gold in ornaments, silica in computers, minerals in the toothpaste… How does one gain access to all this raw material?.......

Candy BAZAAR: The sugar confectionary industry

Every child's dream.This category includes all the non-chocolate candies such as Bubble Gums, Chewing Gums, Lozenges, Hard Boiled Candies, Digestive Candies, Éclairs etc......

Hello !! All about the Telecom indsutry

India has approximately 310 Million telephone subscribers which means a teledensity of 28%. Rural teledensity is only 10% whereas urban is estimated at 50%

This stupendous growth is primarily because of mobile telephony. The total number of mobile subscribers in the country is 270 million. At a CAGR of 21% the total number of subscribers by 2012 is estimated at 750 million......

Fridge: The most used appliance in your house!

Lets look at how many of these are sold every year in India..

Approximately 4.2 million units of domestic refrigerators are sold in India and the market is worth Rs. 4000 Crores......

How many toothpastes and toothbrushes are sold in India?

Oral care industry is worth Rs. 4,200 Crores annually & comprises of:

Toothpastes: 60 %: Rs. 2,520 Crores
Tooth powder: 23%: Rs 960 Crores
Toothbrushes: 17%: Rs.715 Crores

Indian Automobile Industry

The Indian love affair with automobiles is legendary. The Maharajas & their car collections are of significant repute even today.

The Morris 10 was the first car manufactured in India in mid 1940’ by HM. Yes and they still manufacture the Amby!!.................

Industry Statistics : Serious n Funny

Alright, here we go..Did you know?
Annual sales of cars in India in 2008? Answer: 1 Million
Annual sales of 2 Wheelers in India? Answer: 5 Million
Total number of shops in India? Answer: 15 Million
Number of cell phones in the country? Answer: 180 Million

EASY...? C'mon these are famous numbers

Now try these:

Number of UPS inverters in the country?
Number of Padlocks sold in the country?
Number of Notebooks sold?