Industry Statistics : Serious n Funny

Alright, here we go..Did you know?
Annual sales of cars in India in 2008? Answer: 1 Million
Annual sales of 2 Wheelers in India? Answer: 5 Million
Total number of shops in India? Answer: 15 Million
Number of cell phones in the country? Answer: 180 Million

EASY...? C'mon these are famous numbers

Now try these:

Number of UPS inverters in the country?
Number of Padlocks sold in the country?
Number of Notebooks sold?

Bewildered aren't you?

So lets get some interesting industry stats in place...

Contributions are welcome


Saleem said...

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MegaDeath said...

UPS, Padlocks and Notebooks, you can see MAIT annual reports, they track and report these numbers :P
- Prasoon