Fridge: The most used appliance in your house!

Lets look at how many of these are sold every year in India..

Approximately 4.2 million units of domestic refrigerators are sold in India and the market is worth Rs. 4000 Crores......

How many toothpastes and toothbrushes are sold in India?

Oral care industry is worth Rs. 4,200 Crores annually & comprises of:

Toothpastes: 60 %: Rs. 2,520 Crores
Tooth powder: 23%: Rs 960 Crores
Toothbrushes: 17%: Rs.715 Crores

Indian Automobile Industry

The Indian love affair with automobiles is legendary. The Maharajas & their car collections are of significant repute even today.

The Morris 10 was the first car manufactured in India in mid 1940’ by HM. Yes and they still manufacture the Amby!!.................

Industry Statistics : Serious n Funny

Alright, here we go..Did you know?
Annual sales of cars in India in 2008? Answer: 1 Million
Annual sales of 2 Wheelers in India? Answer: 5 Million
Total number of shops in India? Answer: 15 Million
Number of cell phones in the country? Answer: 180 Million

EASY...? C'mon these are famous numbers

Now try these:

Number of UPS inverters in the country?
Number of Padlocks sold in the country?
Number of Notebooks sold?