Hello !! All about the Telecom indsutry

India has approximately 310 Million telephone subscribers which means a teledensity of 28%. Rural teledensity is only 10% whereas urban is estimated at 50%

This stupendous growth is primarily because of mobile telephony. The total number of mobile subscribers in the country is 270 million. At a CAGR of 21% the total number of subscribers by 2012 is estimated at 750 million......

Interestingly the non-mobile or the wired telephone subscribers are a mere 40 million and this number is more or less constant over the last few years

Airtel accounts for approx. 75 million mobile subscribers followed by Vodafone and Reliance at 55 million each and BSNL at 45 million. India adds around 9 million mobile subscribers every month!!

Mobile telecom generates annual revenue of Rs. 75,000 crores (approx USD 18 Billion). This number is inclusive of Rs.8000 Crores revenue from SMS and Value Added Services. This revenue is despite the fact that India has the lowest talk time rate in the world at 0.80 paisa a minute.
Interestingly, 90% of the mobile connections in the country are prepaid subscribers and only 10% are postpaid

A little history

Like everywhere in the world the predecessor of the modern Indian telecom was the telegraph. The first line was across the Hoogly in 1850. But 1882 was the year in the history of Telecom in India. On this day Telephone Exchanges in Calcutta, Madras and Bombay were declared open. Calcutta "Central Exchange" had 93 subscribers in the first 6 months!

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