Indian Automobile Industry

The Indian love affair with automobiles is legendary. The Maharajas & their car collections are of significant repute even today.

The Morris 10 was the first car manufactured in India in mid 1940’ by HM. Yes and they still manufacture the Amby!!.................

Annual Sales Volumes
Passenger vehicles (Jeeps and Cars): 1.5 Million units
2 Wheelers (Scooters, Mobikes & Mopeds): 8 Million units
Commercial vehicles: 0.5 Million units

Electric cars: less than 1000 units
Electric two wheelers: 25000
(Oil barrel at 150 USD will impact this one!!)

Only 25,000 cars were sold in 1960....

Major product segments in cars:
Mini/A1 (800, Nano), Compact/A2 (Santro, Zen), Mid Sized/A3 (Ford, Accent), Executive/A4 (City), Premium/A5 (Skoda, Camry), Luxury/A6 (Merc / BMW)

Maruti sells around 0.5 million cars in a year and Tata Motors another 0.2 Million units. Hero Honda sells 3.5 Million 2 wheelers in a year and Bajaj another 2.5 Mill


8 millions cars & 2 Million two wheelers are sold in US every year

Toyota & General Motors are vying for auto supremacy and sell close to 8.5 Million cars every year, worldwide

At least 70 Million units of SOME type of automobile are sold every year

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